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Before filling for a private student loan, a good general rule is to only consider a private student loan if you have maxed out the Federal Stafford Loan. Students should also apply for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA may qualify students to receive grants, work-study and other form of student financial aid. It is a very long form that takes time for you and your parents to fill out, but it pays off with the money that you will be eligible to receive.

As the cost of education continues to increase year after year students are having a harder time paying for school. Even after receiving federal assistance from the FASFA students will find that they will have more expenses to cover. Private Student Loans are a good option to help fill the gap between what federal and state assistance provides so students can pay their full tuition, and all other college expenses. Private student’s loans can be used for more than just tuition but for books, rent, food, lap tops ECT. Being a college student myself you will find out fast that your money will go by quick. If your parents can’t afford your college, and the federal grants won’t cover it all then what better way to pay for your school than private student loans. Private student loans are also a great way to build your credit at a young age.

Like auto and home loans student loans are based on credit worthiness. Students will need a worthy co signer such as a parent or a relative in order to receive a private student loan, but many online services will allow almost any student to a loan. When applying for a private student loan there are many factors to consider such as APR, length of repayment, and loan minimums and maximums.

Private student loans may defer payment until you graduate, and almost always have lower interest rates than credit cards. Being able to start pay off your loans until after you graduate is a great way to go. You can go through all your years of schooling without having to focus on making payments. This will give you more time to enjoy being at school, and focus on school work without the stress of working and making payments. Plus when you know that you are the one paying for school then you will work harder and take it more serious than if someone else was paying for it.

There are a few main steps to be taken before following through with private student loans:

  • Complete the FAFSA- A free application that allows students to receive federal student aid, including grants and low-cost loans if eligible.
  • Consider federal deals for parents
  • Ask private lenders lots of questions
  • Consider paying interest right away

Higher education is expensive, but worth it in the long run when you get a good job. And when you get a good job paying off your loans will be much easier. Private Student Loans are a good alternative and affordable option to pay for school, and they require no paper work like the FAFSA. There are many ways to receive private student loans through local lenders, banks, or through student loan companies and with a little research you will be able to find the one that works best for you.

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