Jackpot Darts

Jackpot Dart

Whilst we’re pretty sure you don’t need any instruction as to how to play a darts game online this arcade version can be found at many of the world’s best online casino properties and has a few little twists when we delve deeper into the game settings and probability when it comes to triggering the jackpot.
That said, even though the jackpot is surprisingly difficult to hit, jackpot darts online remains one of best casino arcade games we’ve seen. But then maybe we’re just suckers!

The dartboard used in jackpot darts looks similar to any board that you’re going to find in your local pub or bar in that it contains a double scoring ring section around the board and also a treble scoring section. As you would expect the single scoring area is between the double and treble section and then between the treble section and the bullseye.

The object of the betting is to wager where you think that three darts thrown automatically will hit. In order to place your bets on each game simply click on the bets option that is visible at the top of your screen on the left. Now, helpfully you will see that the payout table is clear next to every bet so just simply use the plus or minus signs to either increase or decrease your game stake accordingly. Once you’ve clicked confirm you’re locked in for that darts game and it’s possible to stake a maximum of 5 wagers on every game of darts that you choose to get involved in.

So, what can we actually bet on when playing jackpot darts online?

  • Low, medium and high bets – wager that the total of all darts will fall within a certain range.
  • Single bets – wagering on how many darts thrown will hit the singles ring
  • Treble betting – wagering on how many darts thrown will hit the treble ring
  • Doubles bet – wagering on how many darts thrown will hit the double ring
  • Bullseye – a wager that at least one of the darts thrown will land on the outer bullseye
  • Bullseye outer – a bet that at least one of the darts thrown will land on the outer bullseye

But what about the Jackpot element of the game? Well, we can’t deny that we’re attracted to the mega bucks of any online casino jackpot game and this one is no different. Every time you place a bet a small percentage of your stake will go into the progressive jackpot fund but in order to play for the jackpot you have to place a specific bet. So, if you’ve placed your bet and one dart thrown hits the bullseye then you’ve just bagged yourself 20 times your initial stake. If two darts strike bullseye then you walk away with 2,000 times your initial stake, and if all three strike the bullseye then you walk off with the whole jackpot.

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