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Life Insurance

Life Insurance provides a fixed Lump Sum in the event of death or terminal illness of the life Insured. It can be used for a family or business purpose.


It is a cost effective form of protection for your family in the untimely event of death ensuring that your family are left financially secure. The cover generally applies to any cause of death with only a few exceptions (eg suicide). Some policies also pay on diagnosis of a terminal illness. Most people tend to underinsure themselves in this area; although you need to ask yourself some questions in this regard: ‘should I expect my partner to be forced to sell our house if I cannot provide an income or if I have a young family can I expect my partner to raise our children on a reduced income?’ If the answer is no then for a small cost; these problems can be solved.


Do you have substantial business debt? Is your business’ viability reliant on key individuals? How would you feel about working with your partner’s spouse/family in the event of his/her death? If your answer is YES or you are concerned, then Life Insurance could solve your problems. Let Insurance Oz show you how. Insurance Oz can explain to you the finer points of the policy options available guiding you towards the appropriate Life Insurance offering.

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