Looking at Some of the Popular Casino Slots Games

Online Slots

Slots are the most commonly played online casino games worldwide, both in land-based casinos as well as online. To keep up with demand there are continued developments, especially in terms of software development for the online market, These software development companies are naturally in fierce competition with each other to create and develop the most innovative online slots in the industry. As there is such a vast number of casino slots games available online, those new to it can feel quite daunted initially and unsure of where to start.

When looking to play casino slots games online, a great place to begin is by browsing through the many online casino directories that can be found. These directories list the most reputable and/or popular games played – depending on what advertising deal they have with particular casino websites. To help give you some idea of the most commonly played versions, some casinos slots games played online, are summarized below.

Thunderstruck is certainly one of the most well known casino slots games online. It is powered and developed by Microgaming and a handful of casinos operate this game. Due to its popularity a follow-on version has been developed. Many versions have taken inspiration from popular movies. Incredible Hulk is one such example, or Barman Slot is another. These slots have the ability to pay out incredible cash prizes, making them very popular with slots enthusiasts, aside from the amazing graphics.

One of the most popular video slots played online is the Street Fighter Series Slot, which was created and developed by Cryptologic. Due to its popularity, Cryptologic have taken pains to work on refining it and Street Fighter IV is now available. There are some popular casino slots games taken from television shows as well, in particular reality TV. One of the most commonly played versions of these is the X-Factor Slot, which has become available on a variety of online casino and bingo sites.

These casino slots games mentioned above is just a very small example of the sheer volume of popular slot varieties available online. For a beginner, it is wise to find sites that offer these games for free, so that one can gain an insight into the game before risking one’s own hard earned money.

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