Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance is related to basic vehicle insurance, but it is often sold as its own special product.  Since motorcycle riders are classed as a different risk level than your average minivan driver, not all insurance carriers will offer coverage.  However, it is still possible to buy from a number of providers.

Though a limited number of mainline insurance providers offer motorcycle insurance coverage, there are many dedicated policy providers.  In addition to dedicated motorcycle coverage groups, so-called “high risk” insurance carriers, such as Progressive and Dairy land, will also offer coverage to cyclists.  Some coverage may be available through your local motorcycle club, although you may need to prove group membership to qualify.

When choosing your motorcycle insurance, you should consider your riding habits carefully.  There are different policies available for weekend cyclists, distance riders, and those for whom the motorcycle is a full time vehicle.  If you keep your purpose in getting coverage in mind, you will be able to get a better plan for yourself.

Information Needed For Motorcycle Insurance Quotes

When you seek out motorcycle insurance quotes, you will find that you need the same kinds of documentation as you would for a vehicle policy as well as some supplemental information.  For example, you will need to have your motorcycle license in addition to your regular driver’s license.  You should also include information about any special safety training that you have completed.

You will also need to give information about the bike itself.  You should have accident history and repair records on deck as well as mileage numbers.  If you have done any custom modifications to the motorcycle, you should also detail these so that they can be replaced in the event of a loss.

Common Motorcycle Insurance Policy Features

Motorcycle insurance protects the bike, you as the rider, and any others who may be injured as a result of contact with or use of the motorcycle.  The most common motorcycle insurance policy features are:

– Collision coverage.  Just like a car, your motorcycle is covered in the event that you are in a collision.

– Bodily injury.  This coverage is for you as the rider, to cover injuries that you may sustain while riding the bike.

– Medical payments to others.  If you have passengers or strike someone with the bike, this will help cover their medical costs under your motorcycle insurance.

– Comprehensive motorcycle coverage.  This coverage will protect your bike against natural accidents, such as falling branches that dent the bike, vandalism, and other non-collision incidents.

– Custom equipment coverage.  This motorcycle coverage pays for the customizations that you may have had done on your bike in the event that they are damaged, stolen, or vandalized.

– Roadside assistance.  If you breakdown or are stranded on the side of the road, you can get towing and other forms of roadside assistance throughout your motorcycle insurance plan.

– Lay Up or Storage.  This is a feature that changes your premium during months when poor weather conditions prohibit you from riding.  Though not included on every policy, it is a popular endorsement with seasonal riders.

Motorcycle Insurance Discounts Available

You can get discounts on your motorcycle insurance by bundling coverage, installing safety features, and taking driving courses.

With bundled coverage, motorcycle insurance is usually combined with another vehicle policy to earn the discount.  Homeowner policies may also be used to get the discount, although rental policies generally may not.

Safety features on your bike can also help you lower your motorcycle insurance premiums.  If you have wheel locks or a tracking system, this can earn you a discount.  Alarms may also earn discounts.

Safety courses can lower your risk rating as a driver.  This helps lower your rates in turn.  However, you should weigh the cost of the course against potential savings before enrollment.

Motorcycle Insurance Exclusions To Note

Depending on your motorcycle, you may be excluded from coverage if you are failing to obey proper safety measures for your state or if you are taking on unauthorized passengers.  Read your policy carefully also to see if there are customization items that can negate some of your coverage under a standard motorcycle insurance plan.

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