Seattle Auto Insurance

Seattle auto insurance agency is a company that represents insurance companies. The agency employs agents who work with customers to help them connect with the company that will provide the best policy for them. This includes the necessary coverage that the driver needs at an affordable price. If there are driving teenagers in a family or other special considerations, the agent is knowledgeable about which companies provide the best coverage for high-risk drivers. Teenagers are considered high-risk until they are 25 years old because of the high incidence of accidents in this age group.

Purchasing Seattle auto insurance is best done by using a comparison shopping method. This can easily be done by contacting an agent to request quotes based on the specific needs of you and your family. The agent will do the work by comparing and listing the cost and coverage of various policies for you. You will then receive the list in the mail, or more commonly, in your email. After reviewing the coverage and prices, the customer simply notifies the agent of the choice that he or she has made.

The largest insurance agency in Western Washington is a family owned company that has been in business for almost 50 years. Companies such as this one do not charge the customer a fee for their services. They represent 10 major insurance carriers, such as SAFECO, METLIFE, HARTFORD, PROGRESSIVE, and others. Agents from large agencies like this one are familiar with the policies and coverage that each company offers, so they are a good source for information when a customer is unsure of the best company to choose.

Insurance rates vary depending on the driver’s driving record. If there have been no moving violations, such as traffic tickets, then the rates will be lower. One factor that will definitely cost a driver more in Seattle auto insurance is if there are DUI drivers in the family. Anyone who has been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol will need to pay more for insurance because they are considered a high risk driver. Being a young driver or being over the age of 70 usually costs more in premiums as well. On the other hand, there are discounts available for good drivers without traffic tickets. Other discounts are given to students with good academic records because research shows that they do not get as many speeding tickets as students with poor grades.

It is almost always beneficial to buy insurance through an agency. The reasons for this are that the agents are well-trained to know the benefits of each of the companies that they represent. This helps them match a customer and company in the best way possible. Also, agents are familiar with discounts that customers do not know about. This means that it is possible to save a considerable amount of money by applying discounts to your annual or semi-annual cost of insurance. Finally, the services of an agency are provided without cost. There is somewhat of an obligation to use a particular agent who has completed research for you, just as it is a matter of courtesy to return to the original salesperson that initially helped you with any type of purchase. In the end, the services of a Seattle auto insurance agency are free.

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