Self Employed Health Insurance

Self employed health insurance quotes used to be a huge pain in the neck to get. Since all of the states have to regulate their own laws in regards to how health insurance companies administer the individual and self employed markets, there has been some confusion about whether or not self employed people can have health care benefits that will cover them while they are working or on the job. Some states used to mandate that health insurance for the self employed could not be allowed unless the business owner actually offered the exact same benefits to their employees.

Self employed health insurance changes State by State

In 1993, the federal government basically tried to do and end run by formulating a nationalized health care system for the entire nation, known at the time as ‘”Hilary Care”. With the backlash from the public the very following year being an almost instant rebuke of the attempt by the Clinton administration’s Health Care Task Force, the 1994 elections swung the House of Representatives to the Republican control. Another result of this was that each state stood up and took notice of how large of an impact organizations such as the National Association for the Self Employed, and other small business and self employment advocacy groups had in rebuking the Clinton administration’s ‘fix’ for the health care system..

Self Employed People are Finally Heard

Since the message was sent nationwide by the voters that they did not want nationalized health care, the states started looking more seriously at ways to try and help the smaller business owners and the self employed people. The lobbying of these groups like NASE had a dizzying effect on how the states responded. All of a sudden the doors were opened and the people at the state level, as well as the federal level were now interested in hearing what the small business owners and the self employed had to say about having more control over their own health care benefits. Many states acted quickly to either loosen regulation on small businesses and self employed people to allow them more flexibility in providing benefits for themselves. Since each state sets their own laws and guidelines for health insurance, many states opened new departments to allow the small businesses and self employed to get access to the law makers directly so that their voices were heard above the rest of the noise of the voting public.

Self employed health insurance is now pretty easy to get. Most states allow for individual health insurance policies to be sold to individuals, small business owners, and self employed individuals. Since a lot of self employed people do not have employees, they have the flexibility to show for coverage that is the best for them and their families without having to worry about meeting the minimum state requirements for offering group insurance coverage to their employees.

The Affordable Health Care Act that was passed by the Democrat controlled House and Senate, and signed into law by President Obama in 2010 is beginning to have unintended consequences such as businesses dropping their health care all together and as many as 1200 companies have now been granted exemptions from having to participate in the laws altogether. With unemployment rates still climbing, more and more people are starting small one man operations and trying the self employed route and have lost their health benefits as a result. The self employed health insurance market has seen an increase in new applications from people looking for benefits on their own for the first time. This is a good thing.

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