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Well better think again, because we don’t think such a thing exists. It is essential for gamblers to understand that in a wager sometimes people win but luck has nothing to do with that. For example, in a toss coin where to people are betting on the opposite sides, both of them have a fifty percent chance of winning. Even if we say the other person is luckier than the other one, that doesn’t change the fact that they have the same winning percentage. Are you with us?

It’s all about odds

Anyway, we don’t want to burst your bubble on the idea of you being lucky but we think its better that you fully understand how gambling works if you want to take the risk. We don’t want another person duped out of their money when they lose it on gambling. Each gamble is decided by a probability and statistic. Not good at math? Well don’t despair just yet, we’ll give you more insight about this.

In the lottery, you can increase your chance of winning when you purchase more lottery tickets. Although your chances are still pretty bleak. Most people just buy lottery tickets for the mere fact that you won’t have a chance of winning in the lottery if you don’t. Overall, the lottery is not a good place to gamble all of your hard earned money because buying a hundred tickets wouldn’t even give you a one percent of a chance of winning, which are not a good odds at all.

Betting on sports such as boxing is a smarter choice. Although the outcome of the fight is unknown, the winner is decided not by chance but by the performance of the boxers. So further research about the boxer’s current training, their statistics and previous records can help you guess the outcome of the fight. Which meansthat people who’ve researched the two boxers are more likely to win the bet than those who didn’t research.

But our personal favorite is poker. Because in poker, it doesn’t matter if you’re getting bad hands all game long. If a poker player knows how to play their hands, they can still win every round. If you’re watching professional poker tournaments on the television, then you might be aware that poker is hardly a game of chance. Poker players must be well rounded in bluffing and reading peoples movements so they know when is the proper time to call a bluff and when is the right time to fold.

We advise gamblers, especially those hardcore players, to research more about gambling tips on the Internet. With the right amount of intellect and skills about the game, your winning percentage will become more frequent than those gamblers who are just plain lucky.

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