What is life Insurance

Term life Insurance helps protect your family by insuring your life for a defined amount of time. (Typically up to 30 years). Should you pass on while your policy is in effect, your beneficiaries will receive a sum payment in the amount equal to face amount of your policy. Compared to other insurance products, term life insurance typically offers the largest amount of protection for the lowest cost because; term policies don’t have an investment component to them. They just have the critical promise of a payout should you pass on while the policy is in effect. Additionally, term insurance policies give you the most budget flexibility should your needs change in the future.

Couples with Children:

In today’s environment, the average family is anything but average. Career ambitions, weeks packed with activities and our everyday living expenses continue to rise. Think about how much your family would have to struggle trying to manage moving on alone.A life insurance policy can help give your family the peace of mind that they need at each stage in your family’s life. From the time your kids just start walking, through their education into college and further, your insurance policy can change to keep up with the specific financial needs of your family.

Single Parent:

As your family’s caregiver, provider, mentor and home giver, you put your all into creating a great life for your kids. They depend on you for so much. Insurance can assist in ensuring that they build on the life you created for them should anything happen to you. Because term life insurance premiums cost less than other types of insurance for the same amount of coverage, term life insurance can better fit your budgetary needs and provide significant benefits.


Both you and your spouse have created the life you live together every day. Together you also share a commitment to secure this life for each other into the future.

Term insurance is critical to this commitment. Term life insurance offers a great way to achieve the level of coverage you and your spouse need, and because you both can have a policy, you can ensure the other will be taken care of the way you would want well into the uncertain future.

Why Insurance?

The core purpose of term life insurance is to assist in meeting the financial responsibilities of the insured, should you die. These responsibilities could include, but are not limited to, credit card debt, child care, education needs for your children, funeral costs, and home mortgages.

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