What is Non-Owners Car Insurance?

Non-Owners car insurance policies are a valid type of auto insurance that is specifically designed for persons who are licensed drivers but do not own a car. Typically, these people are from large metropolitan areas where the cost of parking and maintaining a vehicle can be prohibitive. For the most part, these licensed drivers choose to rent cars as needed and avoid paying the steep cost of insurance offered by rental agencies but who want the confidence that they are insured when they drive

Non-owner car insurance is also used by individuals who travel often and drive rental cars. However, non-owner car insurance primarily covers the driver liability. As such, when an accident happens, the non-owners insurance policy only kicks in when the other driver policy does not cover the extent of the damage.

The biggest advantage of non-owner car insurance is that the driver can pick up a rental car, van or truck and begin driving knowing that he or she is insured by a reputable carrier. Not all non-owner car insurance policies are created equally. Interested policyholders should perform their due diligence and make sure they understand all the terms of the policy.



In terms of cost, non-owner car insurance is a much better alternative than insurance purchased through the rental agency. Savings can amount to as much as 30 or 40 percent of the cost of rental agency sponsored insurance.

Non-owner car insurance is also the preferred insurance for professional valet services. Valets are responsible for operating hundreds of vehicles which they do not own. In this case or similar cases, the business is covered for damages caused by accidents in the workspace.

If you drive and do not own a car, the responsible thing to do is contact a non-owner car insurance provider and look into all options. Like all other insurances, non-owner car insurance rates are determined by risk. Clean driving records are a definite plus. Drive safely and obtain s non-owner car insurance policy to minimize your exposure.

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