When You Don’t Have Anything to Do – Play Slots

Online Slots

Do you love to play slots when you go to Vegas? You can forget Vegas and play slots on the internet and have just as much fun minus paying for a room and airfare!

Legal Issues in the United States

The question most players in the US will ask is gambling in online website especially online slots legal for those from the United States? The reason US citizens are asking this question is due to regulations passed during the Bush Administration blocking payments to or from bank accounts or credit cards to online casinos.

But those who enjoy slots from the privacy of their own home just found other ways to get around the transferring of funds issue. These federal laws did not make it illegal to gamble or play slot machines online. But some states can and have passed laws concerning online gambling. So if you are going to play slots online the first thing to do is check to see what the laws are in the state you are playing from.

Free Slots

There are also free slots that many people enjoy playing for several reasons:

• Not interested in real money games
• Want to get feet wet before giving information to casinos
• Some casinos offering free slots have figured out ways for you to win real money

Almost all online casinos have a free slots area to play. Free slots play is either in time, for instance play free for ‘an hour’. Or it is in free ‘chips’, for instance first $500 is free play. There are also websites that are only for playing slots where you can win merchandise as well as money.

How to Learn About Playing Slots

If you are interested in playing free slots but don’t know how, every website has easy instructions on how to use their slot machines. Some online casinos have guides on how to play all of their games including slots. You can also do a Google search on ‘how to play online slots’ and will get plenty of information as well as best places to play. There is even one website that is set up for US players with information that would be of interest for players in the United States.

New and Improved

There are all kinds of slots to play from 3D with awesome graphics; all types of theme such as Scarface or other movies or TV themes; and others such as holidays – Halloween slots are up now. There are also loads of video poker machines which consist of two games in one which is why it is so popular.

New Generation of Online Casinos

This is the largest online casino in this industry and it is big news. The producers of this casino allowed every software designer to have their casino games featured. There is a very large area of slots; one being progressive slots with the current record holder for progressive slots having paid out a jackpot in EUR 17.8 millions. This casino also offers Super Welcome Offers. As a lover of slots in this new casino you can choose all types of classic and traditional slots with a multitude of newly designed online slots to try out.

Chat Rooms

Most casinos have chat rooms where you can go to meet and talk to different people who have the same interest as you. You might even find someone who loves playing free slots also. Online casinos are fun ways to meet people from different place in your country and even different countries. So spend an evening in your favorite chair and play slots all night long or visit this mega new casino which is the future of online gambling.

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